Hungarian Film Festival

We came up with the idea for the festival because we identified a high interest on the part of the Hungarian-speaking community in current cinematic events.

The aim of the project is to bring to Košice the most interesting contemporary Hungarian films that have not made it to Slovak cinemas. The selection of festival films is genre-diverse, but the common denominator is their quality. Our goal is to reach out to the local vibrant Hungarian community, as well as to present these films to the general public and show them the world level of Hungarian cinematography. The festival consists of meetings with filmmakers, masterclasses and workshops.

The festival first took place in 2020, but the pandemic situation at that time did not allow us to present films to the planned extent. The festival was supposed to have its first edition in 2021, but due to the lockdown, we had to postpone the festival to 2022. Despite these complications, we recognized the great potential of the festival and interest on the part of the creators and the audience and partners. We think that such a tour has its place in Slovakia.

Organized with the financial support of the National Minority Culture Fund.